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Ghostboard is the unique, all-in-one software designed exclusively for Ghost, elevating your experience with specific blogging analytics, precise SEO tools, broken links reporting, click tracking, uptime monitoring with downtime alerts and more. Always committed to privacy, being cookie-free & GDPR compliant.

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In your Ghost Admin, paste a single line and copy and paste an API integration key. That's all. Forget about the cookie banner!

It's pretty easy, take a look:How to setup Ghostboard

Screenshot when pasting the Ghostboard tracking code in a Ghost Admin

Give your audience the content they want

Focus on the content with the best ROI by spotting your most popular, most engaging and high-performing content both in search engines and social networks.

Screenshot of the Posts report

Hands-free, broken links detection

You only need to check and fix the broken links, both internal & external, that Ghostboard automatically detects in your blog. Come on, we can't fix it for you (yet)!

Screenshot of the broken link report

An epic ally for your SEO

Ghostboard automatically reviews your content to display what you can fix or improve to boost your SEO. You can go to your blog to edit each post with a click and even mark it as valid, in case of a false positive.

Screenshot of the SEO report

Out-of-the-box click tracking in Ghost

Learn which content generates more clicks and the most-clicked social networks, links, texts and images. Rock on!

Screenshot of the Clicks report for click tracking in Ghost

Save time evaluating different periods

See your progress for the current month and year (including previous ones), dive into custom periods for the last 90 days or get the bigger picture in the All-Time report, in a single click.

Screenshot of the All-Time report. Ghostboard has a few different time-based reports

Gamify your publishing

Explore the impact of your authors' contributions visualizing their performance: comparing publishing productivity, reader attraction, traffic from search engines and social networks. Gain valuable insights into your team's effectiveness and seamlessly enhance your content strategy.

Screenshot of the Authors report on Ghostboard

Access management made easy

Create custom, real-time dashboards for read-only access by selecting which reports to share with your team or audience via a unique link. You can protect the link with a password and see how many views each dashboard receives. On the other hand, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is available and you can also invite team members with full-permissions.

Screenshot of the public dashboards section on Ghostboard

Plans & Pricing

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13 real-time reports including Insights, Live, Posts & SEO among others.
2-Factor Auth
Custom shareable dashboard(s)
Bots filtering
Fixed/Dynamic IP filtering
Timezone aware
Monthly/Yearly report emails
Multiple blogs per account
AMP tracking
Up to 250 K views/month




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Everything in ECO
Broken links report
Uptime report
Downtime alerts
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Everything in VIP
Click tracking
Authors report
Team access
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