Exclusive Analytics of your Ghost blog

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Exclusive, Ghost blog focused analytics

Instant setup pasting a line

See How to setup Ghostboard just pasting one single line in your Ghost blog without manual updates, code edition nor theme integration. Compatible with all Ghost versions, starting on v0.7.2

See the bigger picture in one screen

Discover viewing and posting performance & trends, best timing for publish, views record, published posts in the last months and some stats in the same screen

Watch it in live

Watch in real time the visitors: how many people are right now in your blog, the last hour traffic graph, where are they from, which post are reading and where are coming from

Month & year report in a click

Check how is doing your blog in just one click. And of course, you can filter for any time period too

Explore any time period

Anytime you can query any time period and choose how many items in the top lists

Discover your popular & engaging content

Find out your popular, unpopular, more engaging and less engaging posts so you can focus your blog towards popular and engaging topics

Tune up your content and boost your SEO

Find out what can you improve in which posts in order to get more views via search engines and social networks

Gamify your publication

Only in 🕶 PRO and 🔥 Unlimited plans

Visualize the performance of your authors comparing how much each one publishes, who attracts more visits, both from search engines & social networks and who keeps the audience longer

Organize your tags

Check out which tags get more views, which tags are you using more and less and if you have unused tags. Includes a direct link to your blog admin to manage each tag!

Where are your audience coming from?

Discover how many come from each source medium, top search queries, track your UTM campaigns and which sites are referring you

Learn more about your audience

Learn more about your blog readers: where are they from, languages, browsers, kind of device and operating system (OS)

Share your dashboard

Create custom real-time dashboards selecting which reports to share with your team or audience via an unique link. Also you can protect with a password and see how many views has each one.

Of course, this views are excluded of your monthly usage 🙂

Reports in your inbox too

Automatically get a report in your inbox every month and year. Of course, you can enable or disable each one anytime

Clean unused uploaded images

Use our free, open source CLI tool to save space in your server. Check out ghost-purge-images at Github

More options and details like:

👮‍♀️ IP Filter
🤖 Bots & Crawlers Filter
👆 Interactive charts
🌗 Dark mode
🌎 Timezone aware
🍪 Cookie-free
🇪🇺 GDPR compliant

👍 Why Ghostboard

🏖 Instant setup only pasting a single line

⚡️ Out of the box: don't need Google Analytics or any other tool

🚀 Exclusive, Ghost focused analytics

✅ Truly GDPR compliant

🌎 Built by bloggers and loved by worldwide bloggers

💎 No risk: free trial without credit card

Plans & Pricing

14 days free trial, cancel any time

🌱 Eco

Ideal for new blogs
Unlimited blogs
Up to 12,000 views/year


per year
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No credit card required

✍️️ Blogger

For growing blogs
Adds Links report
Up to 250,000 views/month


Save 3 months for a year up-front
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First-class bloggers
+ Uptime report
+ Downtime alerts
Up to 500,000 views/month


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For teams and businesses
+ Authors report
+ Click tracking
Up to 1 M views/month


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