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Announcing Sources Report 🛰

Let's see the new report now available in Ghostboard: Sources Report 🛰 to analyze how and where are your audience coming from

🎁 Features

  • Last 12 months trend by source type
  • Chart interactive, filter each source
  • UTM tracking, list by utm_source, utm_campaign, utm_medium, utm_term and utm_content
  • Top Search queries
  • Top Search Referrers
  • Top Social Referrers
  • Top Email Referrers
  • Top Paid Referrers
  • Other referrers

Sources report at Ghostboard

✨ Why

Find out how and where are your audience coming from

  • ⚖️ Sources distribution and growing trend of each one
  • 📊 Track your campaigns performance
  • 🕵️‍♀️ Popular search queries and keywords
  • 🔍 Popular search engines
  • 📱 Best social networks and platforms
  • 💸 Compare ads platforms
  • 💌 Measure virality via email
  • 🛎 Discover any website or app referring you

Detail filtering the Sources Trend chart

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Announcing Sources Report 🛰
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