December 2018 update

December 2018 update

What's new

Here is the full changelog of December 2018 update:

Sources Report 🛰

Learn more about how and where are your audience coming from: trend by medium, UTM tracking, top search queries, top referrers by medium, etc.

Ghostboard: Sources report

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Bots & Crawlers Filter 🤖

Filter out bots and crawlers from your analytics to get a clearer data and decrease your monthly usage, can switch it anytime.

Ghostboard: Bots & crawlers filter

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Write your Ghost blog success 🚀

Give a try to Ghostboard without any risk: signup for free and enjoy a 14 days free trial without credit card, check it out by yourself 🙂

Ghostboard - Analytics of your Ghost blog, sign up now and get 14 days free

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