Let's see how to find the viral posts in your Ghost blog, so you can detect the content your audience share more in social media. It's quite easy to know it using Ghostboard

Finding the viral posts 🗣

Log in into your Ghostboard account, then in your dashboard go to the Posts report in the left menu:

Ghostboard: Posts report on left menu detail

Then check out the fourth column, Top Content via Social 🗣:

Ghostboard: Popular posts & pages column screenshot

You can also filter to see only posts or only pages (both by default), to see your popular pages too.

Use the next filter at the top of the report:

Ghostboard: Filter post or page in Posts report

Why? 🤔

When you know which content your audience share more:

  • ✍️ You can focus on that topics to write more posts about them
  • 🎯 Detect topics & techniques works better in social media
  • 💥 Grow more and faster

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