Let's see how to organize and improve the tags in your Ghost blog in order to keep the order with a good structure and improve the SEO performance

Wait... what is a tag? 🤔

A tag is a keyword that describes a post. And ideally it could describes a group of posts.

Differences between tags and categories 🤓

Both help you to organize your blog content but categories are a wider concept, often related to a general theme with a descriptive title and usually a few more words.

A tag are more specific and addresses directly to a specific topic of a post 🎯

💡Keep in mind Ghost has not categories but tags

✅ How to organize and improve your tags

  • 🔥Use short names for tags, like one or two words
  • 👍 Use tags with common sense: probably 10 tags or less per post are fine
  • 🧲 At least have a few posts per tag. Find the less used tags in your Ghostboard > Tags report, so you can write more about them
  • 🏆 Plan some tags to align to your blog keywords for SEO
  • ⚡️Analyze your current content: think to add some tags of topics shared in a few posts, in order to help your readers to find similar posts. For example, take a look of your popular posts to identify a common topic to create a tag about it.
  • 👏 Analyze your current tags: see if you have unused tags in your Ghostboard > Tags report. If you don't need them, just remove them in your Ghost admin. You can find them easily in your Ghostboard > Tags report

💡 Keep in mind the goal is to help readers & search engines to find similar posts in your blog

Write your Ghost blog success 🚀

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