How to update Ghost packaged by Bitnami

How to update Ghost packaged by Bitnami

If you are running a Bitnami Ghost and get an error when trying to update Ghost, here you will how to update your Ghost packaged by Bitnami.

šŸ’” Before you continue, please check you have a backup and know how to restore it.

How to update Bitnami Ghost šŸ‘»

  • Login into your server via ssh
  • Update ghost-cli, running:
cd /opt/bitnami/ghost
sudo npm install -g ghost-cli
  • Then update Ghost:
sudo su ghost -c "ghost update"

Congrats, it is done! šŸ‘

You will see some messages about the process: some checks about your current Ghost version, disk space, release notes, download, installation, etc.

Why? šŸ“š

In the next link, you can find the official documentation about how to update Ghost packaged by Bitnami. But it does not work for Ghost 4

Upgrade Ghost

But it does not work for Ghost 4 at least. And it is a bit confusing to follow the official documentation step by step and then do not be able to update it.

Probably you already tested it, then searched for a solution and you found this post.

Well, hope it helps. Feel free to share this post in order to help more people or show your gratitude šŸ™‚

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