Let's see the new report now available in Ghostboard: Authors Report ✍️ to gamify your publication and compare the performance of your authors

🎁 Features

  • Activity per author in the last 12 months
  • Top authors by total published posts
  • Top authors by global views
  • Top authors by view time
  • Top authors by views via social media
  • Top authors by views via search engines
  • Top authors by words per post

Authors report at Ghostboard

✨ Why

This report is pretty interesting for teams and businesses where several people write in the blog in order to:

  • 🎳 Gamify your publication: motivate your authors to be on the top
  • 🚨 Monitorize publication activity, for example to detect low volume of new posts individually
  • 🎯 Discover who is better on each discipline: engagement, virality, SEO, etc.

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