Get early access of analytics for Ghost

Get early access of analytics for Ghost

I started to blog 6 years ago and the last year I moved from Wordpress to Ghost. I missed so much some stats month by month and also at the end of the year for the year review.

Then I didn't find any tool to get this stats and Google Analytics is not a specific tool for blogs. I thought there could be a better analytics tool for Ghost and I started to build one for myself as I'm developer 👨‍💻

I thought there could be a better analytics tool for Ghost

In the past I launched a couple of startups but honestly I got nearly zero revenue, almost no traction, no success. This time I'm not building any random idea to make money. This time I'm building something for myself first 🙋‍♂️ This time if nobody uses it, it would be alright, not problem because I'm building it for me because I really need it.

Now I'm starting to share it and you can get early access. For free. What I'm looking for you is feedback.

👉 If you wish to give a try and share your feedback, leave me your email at


  • ✅ Google Analytics not required. Some themes doesn't include GA support, it isn't easy to add it if you're not a developer. And even with it, I think there is a huge lack about posts, tags, authors and blog insights.
  • 🙌 Ultra easy to use. Just paste a single line of code and 1 click. No installations, maintenance, code editing or whatever.
  • 🎯 Reports that matters. Every report and chart must answer to a question, shouldn't be vanity metrics or padding. No bullshit.
  • 💪 See progress, engage blogging. The more often & better you post, the better you get. If you see certain graphs, you get engaged in the loop.

👉 Remember, if need analytics of your Ghost blog leave me your email at First come, first served!

Thanks for reading 🙂