Ghost + NGINX: How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error

Learn how to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in your Ghost + NGINX config

Ghost + NGINX: How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error

If you had setup a custom NGINX server for your Ghost blog and you are getting the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error keep reading to learn more about how to fix it and why happens

Cause 🤓

Usually this is caused due install Ghost in production mode but without NGINX, so you can not access Ghost directly

How to fix it ✅

In your Ghost folder, edit the config.production.json file and locate the search block:

"server": {
  "port": 2368,
  "host": ""

Replace for in order to enable Ghost for listening externally

Then save the file, restart Ghost and try again. It's done! 🎉

Write your Ghost blog success 🚀

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