How to integrate Ghostboard with Ghost Content API

Check out how to integrate Ghostboard with Ghost Content API in just a couple of clicks with this step-by-step guide with screenshots

How to integrate Ghostboard with Ghost Content API

Starting on version 2.10, Ghost deprecated the public API and created the new Content API

This change improves the access and security of the content but the output is the same: just public data of posts, tags & authors. Read more about the Content API.

How to integrate Ghostboard 🌈

1 - Log in into your Ghost admin and click on Integrations on the left menu:

Ghost Admin: Integrations on the left menu

2 - Go to the bottom section and click to the green button Add custom integration on the top right corner:
Ghost admin: Add custom integration

3 - On the popup, set the name of the new integration: ghostboard and click on the Create green button:

Ghost admin: Integration for ghostboard

4 - Copy the Content API key: click on the Copy dark button that will appear when mouse over the key or select/copy manually
Ghost admin: Integration for Ghostboard example

5 - Paste the key on Ghostboard and click the Done blue button:

Ghostboard integate with Ghost Content API

👏 Congrats, the integration is completed!

Extra bonus 💅

Feel free to download the next icon and set it in your Ghost admin for the Ghostboard integration:

Ghostboard Icon

Take a look, it looks nice!
Ghostboard integration on Ghost

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