How to setup Ghostboard

How to setup Ghostboard

🙌 It's very easy to setup Ghostboard for your blog but if you need an extra help, here it's a guide for you!

After complete your signup, you will be at the Setup page, always available on /setup if you didn't complete yet. It looks like:


Step 1: Copy your unique line

In the Setup page (login required), you can copy manually the code line or use the Copy blue text to automatically copy it to the clipboard 👌

Step 2: Paste the line in your blog

Signin in your Ghost blog (login to yourblog.domain/ghost) and then go to Code Injection section in your left menu:

👇 Paste your line in the Blog Footer section:

😉 If you already have some code, don't worry and just paste it at the beginning.

✅ Note: it will work too if you paste on Header section instead of Footer, but we recommend on Footer for a better performance of your blog.

Final step

👉 Ghost(Pro), Ghost 2.10 or newer

Starting on 2.10, Ghost deprecated the public API and added the Content API.

  • On your Ghost admin, click on Integrations at the left menu
  • Click green button Add custom integration for Ghostboard
  • Copy key value and paste in Ghostboard

Ghostboard: Integrate Ghost Content API screenshot

✨ Need help? Check this step-by-step guide with screenshots in How to integrate Ghostboard with Ghost Content API

👉 Ghost 2.9 or older

  • On your Ghost admin, click on Labs at your left menu.
  • Scroll down to the Beta Features
  • Check that Public API has the ✅ green check, if not, please click it to enable it.

✅ Note: Public API is activated by default from Ghost version v1.0

It's done!

👍 Visit your blog and then you will be able to see your dashboard

😎 Welcome onboard!

Write your Ghost blog success 🚀

Give a try to Ghostboard without any risk: start now your 14 days free trial without credit card, check it out by yourself 🙂

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Happy to help you and answer any question, tweet us or contact in your dashboard! 👋