Introducing the Search engine & post detail πŸ”

See the new search engine and the post detail, including screenshots and easy-to-follow guide about how to use it

Introducing the Search engine & post detail πŸ”

Happy to announce the new search engine to find a post and see its full-time analytics, let's see how to use it and an example

Open the search

First, click on the πŸ” Β icon at the top right corner

Now look for a post: write a few words of the title or just some keywords

Search engine on Ghostboard

Then the results will appear below the search field

See a post detail

Click on any post result to see its all-time analytics, for example:

πŸ’‘ The charts are interactive and some lists have scroll available if contain enough content

Remember this is just just the beginning and the first version, send your feedback as some users already did and Ghostboard will improve even more! πŸ™‚

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Give a try to Ghostboard without any risk: start now your 14 days free trial without credit card, check it out by yourself πŸ™‚

Happy to help you and answer any question, tweet us or contact in your dashboard! πŸ‘‹