Introducing the Referrer detail 📡

Referrer detail is now available, check out here how to find and what kind of info brings to you :)

Introducing the Referrer detail 📡

Glad to announce the new referrer detail to see full-time analytics of a single source of traffic, let's see how to use it and an example

Go to Sources Report

On the left menu, click on Sources

Open the Referrer detail

On Sources report, click in a referrer name in any column like Search, Social, Email, Paid or Others Referrers and then will appear the next modal:

In this example about Github, you can find all the visits from Github in the last year with an interactive views chart, the countries list with scroll available and the list of each different URL where people are coming from.

💡 Usually it's useful to find where is linked your blog and what are they saying about it

Also when open a search engine referrer, you could find some of the search queries when are available, for example:

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