July 2018 Update

July 2018 Update

What's new

šŸ‘„šŸ“Š Readers Report

New report now available!
New Readers Report screenshot


  • Percentage by device type: mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Top 5 device's languages
  • Top browsers
  • Top 10 countries and map
  • Top Operating Systems (OS)

šŸ“…šŸ“Š Month & Year Reports update


The month & year reports have been updated with:

  • New layout, better space use and organization
  • Popular day of month/year added
  • Top 10 countries list shown by default (previously only 6 on desktop version)
  • Referrers improved: previously grouped by domain and now by entity, icons added and decimal percentage when is below 0, for example 0.23% instead of 0%

Detail & comparative:

And 2 minor issues fixed šŸ›

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