Happy to announce Ghostboard is using a new, blazing faster CDN to serve static files like the tracking file, reducing the file size and load to time more than 50%

About performance 🔥

Before the change, the tracker file was 7.2 KB and took 37 ms in average to load

Now, the tracker file is reduced to 2.3 KB and takes 15 ms in average to load, supporting gzip and brotli compressions

Also some code optimizations were applied to reduce the size file

Now the tracking file is 68.06% lighter
Now the tracking file loads 59.46% faster

How to check if you are already using it ✅

If your blog started to use Ghostboard anytime in 2021, you don't have to change anything

Check the tracking code in your Ghost admin, remember how you set it up

  • If you find something like https://t.ghostboard.io you are updated ✅
  • If you find something like https://ghostboard.io/t/... you should update it 👍

How to update it 🤖

  • Login to your Ghostboard account
  • Click on Config (top right icon) > Plan tab > Tracking code
  • Click the View button and then copy it

Now login to your Ghost Admin, paste the code you copied and click the Save button 🚀

If you need help, please check the How to setup Ghostboard article or contact, happy to help you 🙂