October 2018 Update

October 2018 Update

What's new

Here is the full changelog of this update:

šŸ“„ Pages

Added support for Pages in every chart and list and also added a special report for them:
Ghostboard: Pages report

Similar to posts performance report but for pages only

šŸ“” Multiblog manager

Ghostboard: Multiblog manager
In your Ghostboard account, now can add multiple Ghost blogs and switch to them anytime to see their dashboards.

šŸŒ¹ Requested by a customer

šŸ˜“ Mute items in SEO report

Ghostboard: Mute items in SEO report
Now you can mark as valid (and undo) any post or page in the SEO report.

Why? Maybe you want to avoid the reminder to optimize that your Privacy page has not a meta description or the About me page has not a featured image šŸ‘Œ

šŸŒ¹ Also requested by another customer

šŸ¤– async support

The tracking code now support the async attribute in the script tag

Ghostboard: async support

In Options > Plan > Tracking code, you can view & copy your tracking code anytime you need, also included the async update if you want to update it šŸ™‚

āœØ Reset password and email

šŸ˜… The first versions of Ghostboard didn't have any way to change password or account email. But don't worry, now you can reset password and email, when you asked it, will receive an email with a link to proceed.

Also šŸ› 2 bugs were fixed.

And finally, 4 posts were published:

That's all šŸ’Ŗ Already working in the next update!

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