Introducing Ghostboard 2.0

Learn more about Ghostboard 2.0 with a detailed changelog including all the new features and updates with screenshots

Introducing Ghostboard 2.0

Excited to share Ghostboard 2.0, the latest major update, let's see what's new!

👆 Interactive charts

Now you can touch the charts and see more details, like how many views in a day.
Ghostboard: Interactive charts

Also the difference with the previous period time is displayed and the design was improved

🌎 Public dashboards

Now you can select which reports to share with your team or audience with an unique link and can protect it with a password ✨
Ghostboard: Public dashboards

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🤖 Bots Filter

Exclude all the bots, crawlers and spider from the analytics of your Ghost blog, reduce their noise and get a clearer data.

Ghostboard: Bots Filter

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👮‍♀️ IP filter

You can filter as IP as you wish in order to don't register visits from that IP. This is useful for avoid register the visits from your team members or yourself.
Ghostboard: IP filter for Ghost blog

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🔍 Explore Report

Explore custom time periods to analyze the performance

Ghostboard: Explore Report screenshot

🏷️ Tags report

Added support for Tags and now you can find the popular tags by views, the most used tags, the less used tags and also the tags you never used:
Ghostboard: Tags report

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📄 Pages

Added support for Pages in every chart and list and also added a special report for them:
Ghostboard: Pages report

Similar to posts performance report but for pages only

📔 Multiblog manager

Ghostboard: Multiblog manager
In your Ghostboard account, now can add multiple Ghost blogs and switch to them anytime to see their dashboards.

🔥 Better performance

One server more and a major update to improve performance: faster load in lighter dashboards and less CPU & RAM usage on Ghostboard's servers ⚡️

Performance update

It's only the beginning ✨

Already working in the upcoming features and next updates, stay tuned!

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